The Dutch Culture Centre - 2010DCC

The Dutch Culture Centre

The Dutch Culture Centre

The Dutch Culture Centre

The Dutch Culture Centre closed on September 5th.

The Dutch Culture Centre has layed an important foundation for intensive cultural collaboration between the Netherlands and China.

The Dutch Culture Centre

2010 was the year that the Dutch Culture Centre had a six months opening during the Expo 2010 in Shanghai. The Dutch Culture Centre had a wide range of cultural and art performances in which the co-operation between Dutch and Chinese artists was central. There were over 20,000 visitors in total, which visited the Dutch Culture Centre in Shanghai. The visitors experienced a variety of art performances and seven spectacular exhibitions in fantastic photography, fashion, arts, design and architecture. The event was a huge success according to the Netherlands China Arts Foundation. Also the media attention in the Chinese press  was impressive. Thanks to the visitors and media attention, the Dutch art in China has received a great impulse.

The Dutch Culture Centre was a project of the Netherlands China Arts Foundation and was supported by the Chinese-Dutch business community. The Dutch Culture Centre closed on September 5th 2010.

Shanghai Expo 2010

The Expo was held on both banks of the Huangpu River in Shanghai. Shanghai is the largest city of China by population and a global financial center, transport hub with the busiest container port. The of the Expo was "Better City - Better Life". There were around 73 million visitors by the end of the Expo, this was a world record. Also the Expo in Shanghai set a single-day record of over 1.03 million visitors.

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